Brangus Cattle Sale in Texas

Superb Brangus Breeding

Wylie Bass, General Manager (left) and Ron Whitley, OwnerBuddy Roulston,
General Manager
Ron Whitley,

Our commercial cattle breeding operations at Whitley Ranch have produced some of the finest Brangus cattle for sale in southeastern Texas. We're convinced that this is no accident. Our ranch facilities are well-maintained and designed to make sure that all of Brangus livestock are bred and cared for properly. Furthermore, each member of our herd goes through a three-step selection process before they are sold, so that you get only the best we have to offer. We make this commitment to quality our top priority, which has enabled us to produce some of the finest cattle in the industry.

Since all of our Brangus cattle are bred on-site at our ranch facilities, we can monitor them and provide care in a professional and carefully controlled environment. Every animal receives the necessary medical treatment, including all required vaccinations throughout the year. Our Brangus livestock are bred with a focus on high standards and superior genetics, resulting in cattle that are well cared for and healthy. With one look at our unmatched selection, we know you'll see the pride and attention to detail that went into the breeding process. And that is what sets us apart from the competition.